As a club member you can save even more money, with our exclusive search engine designed to find you the cheapest online prices for all your shopping... it's called 'Findmethecheapest'! Click the gold button below to begin.

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This is how it works:

Every time someone shops online, using a buying comparison site (like Kelkoo for example), the comparison site receives commission from the retailer, which they keep.

Other sites offer loyalty points or air miles if you shop through them. Some even claim to give you a small amount of retrospective CashBack, but only when you have reached a certain threshold - but they tend to recommend the shops that give them the most commission, instead of showing their customers the cheapest price.

We've got a much better solution!

Our search engine, 'Findmethecheapest' looks at all the prices available on the internet, then uses the commission we receive to reduce the price of the item, showing it as an extra discount on the price - then we give that extra discount back to the customer on their next monthly bill as CashBack.

This is in addition to any CashBack the customer will receive from using their Utility Warehouse CashBack card for making the purchase... so if the retailer is one of our CashBack card partners, then the customer saves even more.

We don't just check our partners' prices, we check as many other available prices as we can, to ensure we find the lowest price - however the customer chooses to pay. So if you're looking for the best price, there's only one place you need to look - 'Findmethecheapest'!

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